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Shampoo and Haircut

Shampoo, condition, haircut and finish. (45 mins)

Barber: £45
Senior Barber: £50
Head Barber: £56

Restyle, Shampoo and Haircut

Perfect if you haven't visited a barber for a few months or more -  or are looking for new direction with your hairstyle, requiring a lengthier consultation. (60 mins)

Barber: £55
Senior Barber: £62
Head Barber: £68

Quick Tidy Up

A quick tidy up between full haircuts. (30 mins)

Barber: £36
Senior Barber: £38
Head Barber: £40

One Grade All Over

Electric clipper, wash and finish. (30 mins)


Shampoo and Style

Shampoo and styled professionally so you're looking dapper for the weekend. (20 mins)


Wet Shaves

The Traditional Murdock Wet Shave

A hot towel, cut-throat shave using Murdock London 'Made in England' products and your choice of cologne to finish. (45mins)


The Luxury Murdock Wet Shave With Signature Facial

The Luxury Wet Shave provides customers with a refreshing facial treatment as well as a traditional shave experience. (1 hour)


How to Shave Shaving Tutorial

Whilst our highly skilled barbers indulge the gentleman in a Traditional Wet Shave, they will provide a detailed tutorial on the art and science of wet shaving and a personal consultation on the best methods and products to use when wet shaving at home. (1 hour 15 mins)


Full Services

The Murdock London Full Service

Shampoo and Haircut, Traditional Wet Shave. (1 hour 30 mins)


The Murdock London Luxury Full Service

Shampoo and Haircut, Luxury Wet Shave With Signature Facial, Manicure or Shoe Shine. (1 hour 45 mins)


Beard & Moustache Trims

Quick Beard Trim and Condition

For the regularly maintained beard; a light trim, tidy up and beard conditioning treatment. (15 mins)


Full Beard Reshaping

Dry cut with electric clipper and scissors, shaping and moisturising treatment. Perfect for beards over 2 inches long which have a sculpted shape or any problematic textures or growth patterns. (30 mins)


Full Beard Shaping with Hot Towel

For the longer, fuller beard; a hot towel wash, reshaping with a cut-throat razor, styling and conditioning treatment. (45 mins)


Additional Services

The Express Murdock Facial

Refreshing and efficient, this facial treatment cleanses, tones and hydrates. A perfect pick-me-up for any man on the go. (30 mins)


Men's Manicure


Shoe Shine


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