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  • Patchouli Cologne  (100ml)

    Patchouli Cologne (100ml)


    An intricate cologne for men containing a complex, rich and velvety stimulating mix of spices....

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  • Black Tea Candle

    Black Tea Candle


    Perfect for evenings with exotic tea and spice, sensuous woods and leather...

  • Vetiver Candle

    Vetiver Candle


    Our grassy and grounded, solid and warm fragrance is perfect for living spaces...

  • Fougère Candle

    Fougère Candle


    Our Fougère scent represents green countryside, herbaceous borders and is quintessentially British...

  • Avalon Candle

    Avalon Candle


    Our signature citrus scent is clean and fresh, light-hearted and intensely citrus...

  • Patchouli Candle

    Patchouli Candle


    Our bohemian British scent is richly evocative, luxurious and mysterious...

15 Item(s)