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Good Fox, Bad Fox

Will Hutchins
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Murdock London now stock a stylish and colourful range of backpacks and waist-packs from William Fox & Sons. The British heritage sporting goods company. We here at The Murdock Man are unsurprisingly rather big fans of these here bags that brighten up even the greyest of grey British days (which as we all know can be pretty grey indeed) and it got us thinking about our favourite foxes. So now it's time to play everyone's favourite Friday game, 'Good Fox, Bad Fox'! (Not really a game, more of an alternating list. Though it could be played on a long, boring car journey. Yes, Good Fox, Bad Fox is the new I Spy!)

You can view all the William Fox & Sons range on

Good Fox - Fantastic Mr Fox

It's in the name. He's not just a good fox, he's a  fantastic fox.

Bad Fox - Franny Jeffers

Arsene Wenger paid Everton £8 million in 2001 to bring the young striker to Highbury because he said he was the 'fox-in--the-box' that Arsenal needed to broaden their attacking options. After three years in which he only managed twenty-two appearances and scored just four goals, Franny was sent back to Merseyside.

Good Fox - Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi's made up his mind, she's got to be all his. Why? Because she's a foxy lady (i.e. good fox).

Bad Fox - Samantha Fox

80s page 3 model Samantha Fox cannot present live TV. Especially alongside Mick Fleetwood. Just head to Youtube to watch the infamous 1989 Brit awards.  

Good Fox - Edward Fox 

Legendary actor, stylish gent. Most definitely a good fox.

The good, the bad and the ugly of foxes there, we're sure you'll agree. (We'll let you decide who fits into the ugly category...) Though of course, our favourite foxes are still William and his colourful sons.

Will Hutchins
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