Body Soap: The Barber's Cut

Body Soap: The Barber's Cut

Few things stand the test of time to eventually earn the right to be referred to as classics. White T-shirt, cool pair of Wayfarers, Coq au vin, vinyl records, The Godfather… It would be reckless to try to improve on a classic and we are not touching The Godfather (“Revenge is a (soap) dish best served cold”). However, we have taken it upon ourselves to improve one grooming classic that desperately needed it – a bar of soap. With its origins dating back to ancient Babylon (2800BC), the modest soap bar has come a long way since the very early days of being made from animal fats boiled with ashes and being used as a rather expensive and hard to come by cleaning detergent. But even the soap bar as we know it (first made in the late eighteenth century) has, in more recent years, ‘slipped’ out of the favour for its well reported skin irritating and drying vice. So we raised the bar (pun very much intended) and embarked on making soap cool again. We substituted notorious skin stripping detergents with moisturising Olive Oil, gently cleansing Coconut Oil, Vitamin A & D, rich Sweet Almond Oil, certified organic Palm Oil (a source of Vitamin E), nourishing Cocoa Butter, and Goat’s Milk rich in lactic acid that helps to lock moisture into the skin. We liked the result so much that we made not one, but three versions containing all of the above ingredients with some hip extras. In addition, each bar is hand-cut to give it a striking look with a cool simplicity. They all smell great and will look after your skin like no soap has ever done before. We’re calling this take on a classic… a barber’s cut. To paraphrase Don Vito Corleone, “It’s an offer you can’t refuse.” Meet the new Murdock classics: Charcoal Body Soap Combines Activated Charcoal to detoxify the skin and Peppermint Oil to revive and invigorate. Black Tea Body Soap Packed with an evocative blend of masculine spices from our bestselling Black Tea fragrance. Face & Body Soap Cleans face and body without dryness or irritation. Spirulina with Vitamins A, B12 & E, oils of Tangerine and Citrus combine in this aromatic soap bar.
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