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Boris Johnson: Hairstyle Guru

Boris Johnson: Hairstyle Guru

If you’re a fan of UK politics (who isn’t?!) you’ll be aware that Boris Johnson (or Bo Jo to those that know him well) has been elected as Prime Minister of the UK. Whilst his leadership skills and credentials are somewhat, well, questionable, there is one thing the guy has consistently 'committed' to over the years - and that’s his barnet.

Since Jennifer Aniston wore 'The Rachel' in the 90s inspiring women’s hairstyles everywhere, Boris has been doing *almost* the same for the lads, with the majority UK male population only able to see themselves pulling off those iconic tresses in dreams (or rather nightmares)... With nothing but satirical awe and admiration, we take a look at some of BJ’s best ‘do’s.

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This hairstyle looks great matched with a constant look of shock and surprise and is also perfect if you’d describe your ideal style as a mixture of Donald and Boris in one. Being a little off-piste, the Doris can be a tricky one to achieve, but once mastered, becomes nothing short of a head-turner. The trick is to work your hair into an array of different directions in VERY quick, swift movements. Tip: to really perfect your style, widen your eyes, open your mouth and repeat "oo la-la Donald" in the mirror (or ask your barber to).

The Wet Look

For those that want to take their look to the next level, it’s always worth considering a sleek, no-nonsense wet look. Spotted on many a heart-throb, from Clooney to Beckham, right through to Johnson. This look takes time, but is worth the effort. A little Sea Salt Spray and a dab of Pomade will help you to achieve Boris’ tousled, rough and ready finish, perfectly framing the face and playfully tickling the top of the ears (he likes that). Yellow hair dye optional. Source - instagram

The Messy Crop

Slightly thin on top with a random wisp here and there, Boris has really captured a trend-led look that can be super easy to achieve with the right products, no matter your current style. For those that have a longer look but are considering a crop, take inspiration from the way Boris’ blunt finish really accentuates that jawline. Remember, if Boris can do it, so can you.

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The ‘If Brexit was a hairstyle’

Slicked back with a twist, this daring look isn’t for the faint-hearted, but as Boris proves here, taking a risk when it comes to volume and texture can really pay off... There are two ways to achieve this look, the first involving a metal object and a live toaster and the second a generous helping of Vintage Pomade and a talented pair of hands. The choice is totally yours. We recommend wearing with a clean shaven face (including eyebrows) to really let this style do the talking.

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The Debbie Harry

There’s no denying that Debbie Harry was the style icon of her generation. Well we've got a new Blondie in town to carry the torch for her infamous, perfectly-styled locks. With a sweeping fringe and choppy layers, this look is perfect for anyone looking to try out a bit of an alternative style or fancies themselves as a little bit rock 'n' roll (as Bo Jo would say). If you already have fairly short hair, style using a fine-toothed comb and some Sea Salt Spray. If you’re starting with a longer style, place a bucket on your head, cut around and rough up the finished result. Easy.

Source - The Sun

The Warhol

Soft, fluffy and playful (with a little added peroxide) it’s clear Bo Jo is really feeling himself with this style. This is the perfect haircut for anyone that (like Boris) has mastered the art of 'smizing', as the sudden, quirky flick of the fringe really draws attention to the eye area. Unlike some of his other texturised looks, BJ has really played it down with the Sea Salt Spray here and has instead stepped out sporting a freshly washed, floppy look with a little bit of shine. However, what really brings the finishing touches are the diagonal side-burns which can be created in no time at all with a pair of straighteners and a decent hold clay or wax. Andy Warhol eat your heart out...

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