Business Trip Packing Hacks

Business Trip Packing Hacks

If you’ve ever seen the film In the Air, you’ll know that George Clooney’s character shares one vital business travel hack; never check a bag. With this one decision, you not only avoid the risk of your bag getting lost in transit, but you also save time not having to wait for it to crawl out at a snail’s pace on the conveyor belt at your destination. So, with that in mind, here are some more business travel hacks designed to help keep you looking, and feeling great, as soon as you step into your meetings away from the office.

Keep your grooming kit to a minimum

The last thing you want to do is waste valuable packing space on toiletries; not only can they really add up in weight, but the more you take, the more chance one is going to leak and ruin your suits. Instead, stick to the essentials: Miniature Cologne, to keep on hand should you need to freshen up pre-meeting. Our Murdock Cologne Collection introduces you to four 10ml bottles of our best-selling colognes, perfectly sized for a man on his travels. A small hair tin, to keep your style looking slick. Our super-soft Hair Play uses Kaolin and Provitamin B5 for a very soft, loose finish that you can keep top up as day draws in to night. Rather than lugging full-sized bottles of Beard Shampoo, Conditioner and Moisturiser around with you, keep things simple with some Beard Oil to keep your facial hair looking, and feeling, smooth, shiny and healthy and the skin underneath soft and supple. Body Soap, because your skin won’t thank you for using the hotel’s harsh all-in-one offering. Our Black Tea Body Soap is crafted to cleanse thoroughly without drying or irritating skin – and has no chance of leaking over those fresh white shirts!

Invest in a decent travel bag

Trains, planes and automobiles; they all have a chance of running late and throwing your carefully-planned schedule up in arms. So, whilst that old carry-on might have once been considered perfect for holding your essentials, take a moment to study those frayed edges and conveyor belt stains accumulated over the years that aren’t really going to impress if you find yourself having to run straight from the train station to your meeting. Instead, invest in a quality leather travel bag, like the Geofre Series One weekend bag. Something that’s big enough to hold your laptop, clothes and toiletries, while still maintaining that professional look.

Avoid light-coloured or linen suits

When it comes to business meetings, you want to look as slick as possible – which is hard to do if you turn up in a wrinkled suit. So, to avoid any embarrassment, leave your light-coloured, cotton and linen suits at home as they are bound to crush too easily during travel. Instead, opt for solid, dark fabrics which will appear less wrinkled than lighter ones, or invest in a light canvas suit that’s made out of wool, and therefore relaxes naturally. That said, no matter how carefully you pack, any kind of suit or shirt you bring is likely to look a little worse for wear after a stint in a suitcase. So, if your hotel room doesn’t have an iron, simply hang your suit and shirt in the hotel bathroom while you shower to help the creases drop out in time for a slick and suave look in time for that 9am.

Wear your heaviest items

Heavy shoes and dress coats can easily eat into your carry-on allowance and take up valuable space in your suitcase and leading to unnecessary wrinkles in your clothes. Instead, try to wear these heavier items whilst travelling, and pack more casual choices in your case. If you find that you need to pack your best shoes, make sure that you use a wooden shoe insert, (or some rolled-up socks if you’re desperate) to keep the shoe’s shape and avoid creases. Brogues are a great choice as they’re easy to pack and versatile enough to be worn day and night, with a suit or with jeans and a crisp polo top in the evening.

Roll your clothing

Last but not least, whether you’re going away for one night or several, it’s always worth taking some more smart-casual items for those spontaneous evening drinks, or occasions where dressing down seems more appropriate. When it comes to polos, t-shirts and jeans make sure that you roll them, rather than folding. Rolling helps to maximise space whilst minimising wrinkling, allowing you to pack more into your carry-on. If you’re feeling really organised, take it to the next level by using space-compressible plastic bags and push any excess air out of clothes for even more suitcase room (a highly satisfying process indeed). Travel Bag: Want more handsome? Sign up to the Murdock Man Journal for expert advice from our barbers. Plus receive 20% off your first purchase over £60
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