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FATHER'S DAY 19/06/2022
For the Fathers. Our Fathers Day gift guide for 2022.

For the Fathers. Our Fathers Day gift guide for 2022.

Dads, we love them and we're sure you do too.


It’s not too often we have opportunities to treat our Fathers, more often than not it’s them doing the treating. So if you’re looking to offer your father their slice of luxury, or as we like to call it, handsomeness – we’ve got some perfect ideas below.


The years catch up to all of us. As the saying goes, father time is undefeated. If you’ve noticed your old man may be a little thinner on top this year, we can recommend our Sea Salt Paste to add instant volume and texture to your style with minimum fuss. Give your dad one less thing to worry about.


Perhaps Dad has a new style this year, perhaps he’s grown out a beard. We here at Murdock know all there is to know about beards and one thing is for certain, the difference between an unkempt beard and a well-groomed beard is gigantic. The best thing about this is it can be achieved in just a few simple steps. Shampoo, Condition & Moisturise. It’s as simple as that.



Maybe like a lot of us here at Murdock, your father has recently watched, and certainly loved the new Top Gun movie. So much so that he’s willing to take his fandom to the next level, he wants the Bradley Bradshaw Tache pulled off so effortlessly by Miles Teller.


While we’ve no doubt your Dad can pull this off, we’re here to tell you there’s a few products we recommend to set this style apart from the rest. Pre shave oil is going to prepare the skin for the shave and allow your razor to glide effortlessly across the face, pun most definitely intended. Our Daily shave gel is perfect for this style as it will allow you to see the shape you’re shaving thanks to it’s clear blue formula. Razor burn and ingrown hairs will be out of the question thanks to the cooling menthol in our Post shave balm. There you have it, Lt. Maverick would be proud.

Images credits; Paramount.


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