Get Valentine's Date Night Right

Get Valentine's Date Night Right

No matter how big or small your Valentine’s plans may be this year, the effort is in the detail and we want to help you to make the most of your day. Here are a few Murdock Barber-recommended tips to guarantee a more handsome, sharper you. Whether you've a special evening planned with a loved one or are heading for a night out in the hope of finding that future flame.

Keep It Together On Top

"How far in advance should I get my hair cut?" has been a commonly asked question by clients through the years. "Get your hair cut one week before date night," advises Master Barber Alex in response. "In general, you can always tell the sign of a good haircut on a man a week after he's been to the barbers. By then it’s had time to settle yet still retains its neatness." As with the risk of over-applying cologne, be sure not to do the same thing with your hair styling products, “Too much hairspray to keep your hair stuck in place pre-date will make it look overdone when keeping your style natural will always look best. Less is often more when applying product and you can always work more in if necessary.” he explains. Having put the time in to get your hair just right, making sure your parting sits dead straight and the flick of your fringe waves precisely where you want it, surely you want it to stay like that all night? We're sure you'll check your hair in the mirror of the restaurant bathroom mid-date, so if you're going to do it why just use your fingers? Fix it properly by slipping a comb into your jacket or trouser pocket. Remember, there's still also plenty of time ahead of the 14th to achieve your desired, handsome style by booking yourself an appointment with one of our expert barbers. Shop Murdock Hair Care >

Play It Smooth

It’s not all about hair, so be sure not to overlook the condition of your skin either. For what can be a nervous time and thus cause problems for skin, preparing yourself sufficiently in advance can make a huge difference. Exfoliating too close to meeting your date could be a risky move for anybody with sensitive skin. With time in advance however, our Facial Scrub will deeply cleanse your face with its refreshing, renewing ingredients. For ultimate assurance with your dashing appearance, enjoy an indulgent Facial service at the hands of an expert Murdock barber to renew your healthy glow a week before date night. In addition, using Moisturiser at home will provide your skin with a smooth, awakening layer of protection. For a soft skin tone to admire, this skincare combination will help you look and feel completely fresh long into the evening. Don't let the conversation, or your eyes, get tired either. Try our Eye Serum to help maintain a healthy glow throughout the evening while disguising any late nights at work previous. We're not promising it can do anything for your conversation upkeep however… Shop Murdock Skincare >

Time Your Shave

As with our pre-date haircut enquiry, many men also face the issue of not knowing when to best shave before a date. In response, Shoreditch Head Barber Gwen confirms: "The perfect timing of a shave depends on the man, his beard and his skin." She explains, "If you shave on the morning of your date you will ideally arrive looking fresh-faced and feeling smooth. A rushed shave will run the risk of causing irritation or a rash so close to the event however, so take your time and always apply Post Shave Balm afterwards to ensure that your newly exposed skin is treated and any lingering sting is nursed." If a prominent 5’o’clock shadow sounds more appealing, then shaving the night before is the way to go. Remember, the Murdock barbers are available across London to discuss your grooming regimes and help decide the best plan of action. A pre-date visit for a Wet Shave can also go a long way relaxing any nerves before the big night. Shop Murdock Shaving Products >

Or... Maintain A Marvellous Beard

If you have a beard, then that's fantastic. Perhaps it makes you look more distinguished and handsome than being clean shaven. We're sure your other half loves that strong, rugged jaw line your facial follicles provide. However, we bet they don't love getting close to that hair when it’s coarse and dry. We also bet that neither of you will be feeling the romance if you're sitting at dinner scratching at your itchy face all evening. "How do I keep my beard soft?" do we hear you ask? Simple. Use a combination of Beard Shampoo, Conditioner and Moisturiser or Oil to ensure a healthy, smooth texture and something your Valentine will actually want to touch. Soft whiskers are a must for potential close encounters, so don’t go slacking on the brushing either! Shop Murdock Beard Products >

Ditch The Dirt

Nobody appreciates dirty nails on Valentines, so put the time in to cut and file your fingertips with one of our excellent Manicure Kits. Shop Men's Kits & Gifts >

Make A Fragrant First Impression

It's true scientific fact that first impressions are very hard to change. So if you're stepping into the unknown of a blind date (or date with someone you've only previously met blind drunk) then make sure you don't just look your best, but that you smell your best. Find the perfect fragrance to fit your character. Keep it classy with our range of inspired colognes. Which cologne is most romantic? For men, you may prefer the sweet, citrus scent of Avalon. The ladies on the other hand have been known to fall hard for our spicy and raw Black Tea. The moreish fragrance of which will ensure your aroma remains fresh all night. One key tip with spraying cologne that our barbers always advise is not to overload yourself: "Keep it subtle. There's nothing worse that overpowering a lady with a strong scent!” Shop Murdock Colognes >

Lastly... Post-Dinner Romance Preparation

As just mentioned, scent can be just as important as sight. So if you've gone to the trouble of tidying your flat to create a space primed for romantic encounters, imbue the air with an atmosphere that distinguishes your personality by lighting a candle. By following these key steps, we guarantee you a more handsome appearance and gentlemanly confidence in preparation of what could turn out to be a truly significant evening. Be sure to tag us in any shots of your Valentine's grooming preparations on Instagram.
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