The Hine Christmas Cocktail

The Hine Christmas Cocktail

We held a little Christmas shindig in Murdock Soho for some neighbours recently and like all good festive parties we wanted to serve a Christmassy tipple. So we asked our good friend and cocktail maestro Johan Ekelund (aka Mr Sharp & Dapper) to create something that conjures the velvet jacket wearing side of the holiday season rather than your red-nosed uncle slowly grumbling his way to sleep at the dinner table. And my word, like St Nick on Christmas Eve, did he deliver the goods. A Hine cognac cocktail that'll be your new favourite festive tradition. What you'll need:
30ml H by Hine Cognac
30ml LBV Port
15ml sugar syrup
1 egg
1 Whole nutmeg
How to make it: 1. Measure ingredients in to a shaker. 2. Shake once without ice to really mix the egg with the ingredients. 3. Open shaker, pour in ice and shake again until the shaker is REALLY cold. 4. Use a strainer to strain the drink in to a cocktail glass. 5. Finish of with a grating of nutmeg. Le-voilà. C'est Noël.
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