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How A Brush Affects Your Shave

How A Brush Affects Your Shave

From exfoliating the skin - removing dirt and reducing blemishes, to leaving facial hair softer and more easily removed, a shaving brush can soon become an essential tool in your grooming arsenal. Our Master Barber Alex Glover after all has always proclaimed that his clients with the best skin are those who shave with a brush.

With this in mind, we have asked more of our impeccably groomed barbers to provide their own personal accounts on how improved shaving feels when incorporating a brush compared to manual lathering... "Everything about using a brush helps. Lifting your hair out with the bristles helps create a much closer shave, whereas rubbing hands across your face will leave the hairs sitting down - giving your blade more of a challenge and causing a drag." says Covent Garden Head Barber Miles. "The softer the brush hair, the creamier the lather so I'd highly recommend the Windsor grade for the ultimate sense of luxury." Senior Barber Carl adds: "Your skin feels so much softer both with and against the grain of growth after shaving with a brush. Brushes also help to alleviate dead skin cells, which will leave your face feeling and looking much healthier." So gents, consider a brush to create the perfect lather and added sense of luxury to your cleanest, closest shave yet.
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