How To Style: For A Holiday

How To Style: For A Holiday

So it’s finally time for your summer holiday. You’ve counted down the days and you’re ready to embrace the natural boost in confidence that comes from exposure to consistently good weather, the excitement of new surroundings and the vibrancy of a new culture. At this point in life you know how to pack (reasonably well), remember your passport and check in early to avoid getting stuck in a middle seat. You may not know however how to best prepare and adapt your grooming game while on-the-go. To put any holiday grooming concerns to bed and ensure you look as good as you feel, we’ve compiled some key advice from Covent Garden's Carl Taylor – a man who knows a thing or two about travelling in style - when it comes to asserting yourself as a more confident traveller. Follow Carl’s guide below to ensure you are suitably prepared for adventures ahead... 

Leave your haircut until the last minute (honestly)

Once you know your flight time, lock in your haircut for the day before departure. This will ensure you set off with that fresh-out-the-barbershop confidence that comes from a fresh trim. Your barber will also be able to advise how to best look after your hair in a new environment and the right products to use to ensure it holds firm.

Keep yourself hydrated

Dehydration is the worst thing to endure on a long-haul flight, or any journey really for that matter. Drink as much water as you can before and during a flight and make sure you have a good moisturiser to hand. A quality Facial Cleanser and Moisturiser always help me feel re-invigorated no matter how tired I may actually be.

Pack miniatures wherever your destination

A big advantage of hold luggage is the lack of restriction when it comes to packing grooming products. This being said, you still have a flight to endure, so don’t overlook the value of products under 100ml that you can take on board with you in such instances as mentioned above. A swift wash of the face can go a long way to make you feel like a new man after a few hours spent at 30k feet.

Renew those tired eyes

Whether you’re simply tired or sampled a little too much at duty free, flights can really take it out on your skin. Your eye area is especially sensitive and hours of watching movies on a small screen doesn’t help. If you happen to be landing in the morning, you will want to appear awake and energetic with the whole day ahead of you to make the most of. Cover up and treat those dark rings under your eyes with a refreshing spritz of Serum after reaching your destination for an immediate boost to your holiday mood. dan-hol-2dan-hol-1

Covent Garden's Dan Glass keeping that beard mighty on his travels

Don’t shave down for summer

If you’re a bearded man, I recommend to always keep it looking strong in summer. There's no need to fall for the temptation to go drastically shorter or remove it altogether. As with Dan's wedding advice, when it comes to holidaying you should embrace your usual style standards rather than making any drastic changes to feel as comfortable as possible.

Match your style to your surroundings

It goes without saying that you should pack a heavy jacket for ski season and swimming shorts for peak summer. Just don’t be the guy who forgets to take something a little smarter to change into for evening meals rather than relying on the same, sandy and sea-soaked attire from an afternoon spent at the beach.

Take your time

While it can be tempting - particularly on a short city break - to try and cram in as much activity as possible. You will soon find yourself tired and weary by 5pm without sufficient drink stops and tactical route planning. Public transport can be intimidating to shy Brits abroad, but embrace that holiday confidence and your energy levels will be preserved throughout the day. This will only ensure you can experience your new environment long into the night without flagging immediately after dinner.

Essential product for a Beach Holiday - Face Moisturiser

Use as well as sun cream (frequent application gents) to keep your skin protected and smooth from sea, sun and sand exposure.

Essential product for a City Break – Cologne Collection

Flight-friendly for convenience. The choice is yours to experiment with a unique holiday scent depending on your mood and setting.

Essential product for a Stay-cation – Sea Salt Spray

Take advantage of no size restrictions wherever you are and emphasise your hairstyle to re-create a week abroad. 

Use Instagram to inspire, not annoy

‘Out of office’ captioning a photo of your brown legs by the pool isn’t going to cut it in 2017. The odd selfie never hurt anyone, but do try and explore beyond the beaten track and keep a keen eye out for busy markets, hidden alleys and local bars. These are the things you’ll fondly look back on and people will appreciate you recommending ahead of their own trips. See our Tips For Great Travel Photography for a helping hand nailing the perfect snap.

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