Long Hair Summer Survival

Long Hair Summer Survival

While the rising Greek tennis star didn’t have the best outing at Wimbledon this year, there’s no doubting Stefanos Tsitsipas' talent after a stellar breakthrough season in 2018 that included beating Roger Federer in the fourth round of the Australian Open.

Tsitsipas is the youngest player ranked in the ATP top 10, already the highest-ranked Greek player in tennis history and has three ATP singles titles and seven finals to his name. The future is very bright indeed and the aggressive baseliner’s talent is only boosted by his natural charisma, sheer handsomeness and that long, suave hairstyle that inadvertently pays a throwback nod to the maestro before him, Björn Borg. A legend who dazzled on the court (and became a bonafide masculine icon in the process).

How does one keep such long hair looking great under testing, active conditions? Shoreditch Senior Barber Ben has plenty of advice for looking after longer locks when it comes to summer time activity:

Stay Hydrated

With longer hair it's always best to keep it well hydrated to maintain a healthy look and feel. You want to be using products that are more moisture-rich. This can be a challenging transition to make if you've only just grown your hair out and are used to heavier, matte products for styling shorter hair. Our sulphate-free Shampoo and protein-boosting Conditioner is a great combination to help you get started in enhancing moisture however (and hopefully you've already got them to hand!).

Alternative Product Hacks

Beard Moisturiser is a great leave-in conditioner alternative for longer or curlier hair that clients have really caught on to. Running a small dose through will provide a looser hold and influence a sleek, natural wavy style.

If you're heading for an active session, be it the gym, five a side or tennis lesson, be sure to run some Hair Play through beforehand which is the perfect styling product for longer hair. It will add extra hold and give your look a healthy, natural sheen (that'll be the Kaolin and Provitamin B5 which help create a very soft, loose finish.)

Wash as Regularly as Required

Be sure not to wash your hair too often! Doing so will remove too many natural oils which are imperative for improving hair health and maintaining a strong rate of growth. You may also notice your texture starting to feel dry and fluffy instead of healthy and smooth. As for post-workout hair, if it doesn't need washing after your session then simply rinse and re-apply styling product as necessary. However if you have had a particularly hard, sweaty cardio session then you may want to wash it to bring your volume back to life.


While working out with long hair your most helpful asset can be a stretchy headband to avoid strands flopping down into your face with every rep. They are also extremely helpful (as demonstrated by Tsitsipas, Federer et al) to keep an attractive, flowing style in place - nope, they're not just worn by the pros for an extra spot of sponsorship revenue! A good headband should be strong enough to hold your hair in place, but loose enough not to leave marks on your forehead or in your hair.

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