Michael Sager-Wilde's Glühwein

Michael Sager-Wilde's Glühwein

After a few hours spent gliding down ski slopes in true, dashing MurdockMan style, or rather after reaching a mountain peak in a cable car and feeling a little chilly from the ride all the same, a hot glass of Glühwein is always going to be in order from the nearest bar. The traditional German/Austrian hot drink may be most commonly associated with ski resorts and winter retreats, but we don't think such a delicious and enjoyable cocktail should be so exclusively restricted by altitude. A drink heavily inspired by St Moritz, the birthplace of British alpine adventure in winter and an ideal tipple for any festive evening spent indoors by a roaring fire, we've spoken with wine expert and Swiss MurdockMan Michael Sager-Wilde who offered us his very own recipe for creating excellent, bold, fruity Glühwein in the comfort of your own kitchen...

Ingredient List

80ml of Cointreau
80g of caster sugar
1 bottle of heavy red wine (New World Syrah works a treat)
2 whole oranges in slices
4 star anise
8 clove
2 cinnamon sticks
1/2 nutmeg
Bring to about 70 degrees heat under constant stirring in a small pan to avoid the alcohol boiling off. Serve hot and enjoy!
For further wine tips and to sip on some of the finest offerings in London, be sure to visit Sager & Wilde at either Hackney Road or Paradise Row.
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