Festive Hangover Survival

Festive Hangover Survival

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It can be avoided no longer. The onslaught of mid-week Christmas parties, hectic weekends, panic gift buying and long, stressful days at work are here. In preparation for Festive Fever and to avoid any crushing hangovers getting the better of you, we have laid out five sure-fire tips on how visiting your barber can nurse you through December and ensure you remain your sharpest in more ways than one… Hair of the Dog (@forwardfeatures) 1. HAIR OF THE DOG Some hangovers demand that extra kick. This month we have created our hangover-tailored service to help you forget about last night’s decisions and focus on today’s. Our barbers are here to cure your symptoms, remove the visual evidence of last night’s sins and bring you back to life - whether you want to go home and relax afterwards or keep the festive spirit alive for another night out ahead. Visit our barbers for a Hair Of The Dog this December and enjoy a Silent Pool Bloody Mary, express Murdock facial treatment, wash, blow-dry and style to get you ready for the night ahead in just half an hour. Or instead, stay merry with a mid-afternoon single malt. It’s Christmas after all - you deserve it and the headache can wait. Murdock Hangover - Bloody Mary We’re also giving you some fizz to take home. As if all that’s not enough, we’ve partnered with the UK’s No.1 vitamins company, Vitabiotics. They’re providing Murdock. Hair Of The Dog Customers with complimentary Energy tablets to make a great tasting, refreshing drink with vitamins B6 and B12, magnesium and iron which contribute to normal energy release and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue - just the ticket on the road to hangover recovery. Take them home, or pop a fizzing tablet when you’re out: which also include vitamin C and zinc to contribute to normal immune system function and Siberian Ginseng extract and Co-Q10 to give you that extra boost long into the night. Murdock Hangover - Beard Trim 2. TAKE THE TIME TO ENJOY A TRADITIONAL WET SHAVE Every step of this experience, from the face wash to the application of Post Shave Balm combine to provide one of the greatest hangover cures known to man. Most vital for clearing that alcohol out of your system and renewing your skin is the hot towel application. Sitting back and absorbing the fresh steam alone can relieve hangover symptoms. Think of it as a sauna treatment for your face. This is a moment to just zone out and forget about it all. Find Out More > 3. EYE SERUM We recommend this miracle worker every year and for good reason. You may feel like you’re hiding that hangover, but those eyes will always give the truth of your night before away. Just a few dabs to the areas around the eyes and no-one will be able to see your shame. Barber Hack: Keep it in the fridge for an extra boost of cool refreshment. Murdock Hangover - Sleep 4. BEST TIP FROM A CLIENT Sink a couple of re-hydration tablets before you sleep to help tackle the issue before it even starts. You’ll wake up feeling that bit more human. *We don’t have the medical qualifications to assure this is safe practice, so we also recommend just getting plenty of water drunk before going to bed. Murdock Hangover - Barber Chair 5. BARBERSHOP CONFESSIONAL When all else fails, just come into the shop and confess your sins. It will help take the edge off piecing your night back together and we certainly won’t judge. We’ve all been there, and if we haven’t then we definitely want to know about it! Think of us like a confessional, only with less forgiveness and more whisky. Book Appointment New
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