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Shaving Tools: Best Of The Best

Shaving Tools: Best Of The Best

We like to think that each item in our accessory line really looks the part and most certainly makes an authoritative statement when placed on a bathroom shelf. Besides holding an aesthetic advantage however, there are of course more technical means and advantages to the craft of such luxurious and effective items. Below we explore the purpose and benefits behind the grooming hardware and tools that we have developed, detailing how each item effectively works with our luxurious product collections and contributes to achieving the most indulgent and complete wet shave at home... Shaving Tools 1

The Ernest Double Edge Razor

With a stylish, traditional appearance, our Ernest Razors have been crafted to use easily changeable double edge blades that offer a mighty close shave. An Ernest razor by far makes shaving with a single blade easier and can be seen as the first step towards single blade, cut-throat shaving. It is a much safer and less intimidating tool than a cut-throat razor and provides a comfortable shaving experience despite the blade being the same to that of an Elliot Shavette. The effectiveness of a single blade also causes less tension on the skin as you make your strokes, helping to prevent irritation and razor burn with less blades involved. Ernest razors further relieve common irritating issues such as ingrown hairs and razor bumps because of the angle that the moulded head fixes the blade to cut hair at. In comparison, regular high street razors are shaped in a way that actually stretches hair and cuts at an incorrect angle. Whilst we're talking comparisons, how much is topping up that Mach 3 setting you back each month? You'll be thrilled to know that you can pick up high quality double edge blades for less than 50p each if you shop smart - and since both sides of the blade can be used, this makes an Ernest Razor one of the most economical options around. We have created the Ernest to essentially be a completely well-rounded, safe and convenient shaving tool.

Top Tip:

They also make for a fantastic razor to travel with, due to being able to remove the blade element so easily so as to avoid any issues getting through the airport. Murdock Straight Razor

The Elliot Straight Razor

Choosing a traditional straight razor over modern bladed tools can be a fairly intimidating transition for a lot of men. With a good amount of patience and adapting to the right techniques however, you can soon find yourself shaving with a refined, barber-like confidence and to greater end results. Our disposable blade straight razors incorporate the same design and required shaving methods as cut throat razors, however without a fixed blade to maintain, they act as the perfect tool for introducing yourself to the art of traditional shaving. The handle and blade design aesthetic of a straight razor is also something that modern blade razors can't match. Shave well with one of these beauties and not only will your skin look better but you will transform what is often regarded as a tedious daily task into a pleasurable morning experience to cherish.

Top Tip:

Be sure to read our step by step guide on enjoying the true zen of a straight razor shave for further inspiration.

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The Benefits Of A Murdock Shaving Brush

Incorporating a brush into your shaving regime at home will further create a better outcome for your skin after shaving. Compared to manually applying shave cream using your hands, shaving brushes actually lift hair and provide gentle exfoliation to the skin - removing dirt and reducing blemishes before you apply your blade. Facial hair is left feeling softer and once raised, is primed to be removed by a razor's edge.

Barber's Tip

Always try to use a brush when shaving instead of applying cream or soap by hand - our clients with the best skin are generally those who shave with one. Work the lather into your face using a firm circular motion.

Why Use A Shaving Bowl?

Owning a shaving brush is all well and good, but having a purposeful container in which to create your shave cream lather is an essential platform to the process of a traditional shave. Shave bowls offer the perfect amount of space in which to create your lather using your shaving brush. Combining just a finger-tip's amount of cream with a dash of warm water might not look too convincing at first, but once you've applied your brush and whipped up that foamy lather, you will find yourself with an abundance of rich, luxurious cream to work into your skin. cut throat razor strop

The need for a shaving strop

Already mastered your shaving game at home and find yourself confident wielding a fully exposed cut throat razor? You certainly have us impressed. Just don't get too cocky with that thing and forget that unlike an Elliot Shavette, this tool demands frequent upkeep in order to provide a sharp, thorough shave. Best thing for the job? A high-quality leather strop to provide the best surface to polish the edge of the blade and to re-align it at the correct angle for sharp, effective shaving. Sometimes authority can leverage from what you pick rather than create, which is why we looked no further than the highly reputable Solingen to provide our cut-throat-care option.
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