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The Benefits Of An Ernest Razor

The Benefits Of An Ernest Razor

Taking wield of an Ernest Double Edge razor can be seen as the first step towards single blade, cut-throat shaving. Using an Ernest requires a more patient and thorough approach to shaving - preparing the skin properly with a pre-shave oil and effectively opening up your pores with a hot towel. This can be conveniently adapted to a post-shower routine however and you will only feel the benefits as a result.

First and foremost, an Ernest razor by far makes shaving with a single blade easier. It is a much safer and less intimidating tool than a cut-throat razor and provides a comfortable shaving experience despite the blade being the same to that of a Straight Razor. Be it Derby or Wilkinson Sword, the blades used in an Ernest Razor provide an incredibly close and straightforward cut. Not only does your skin receive a close shave, but the blades themselves are inexpensive and economical due to the razor's design. The effectiveness of a single blade also causes less tension on the skin as you make strokes with the razor, helping to prevent razor burn with less blades involved. Ernest razors further relieve common issues with ingrown hair and razor bumps because of the angle that the blade is shaped to cut hair at. Regular high street razors are shaped to stretch hair and cut at an incorrect angle - causing the Ernest to be a completely well-rounded, safe and convenient tool. Ernest razors look impressive too. With a Wodehouse set stood high and mighty in your bathroom at home, you instantly convey and convince with the message that you are a serious about shaving and put the effort into a more traditional approach. We offer a unique range of colour choices too, which can always impact the decision of committing to a new product that naturally demands to be on display. Men can feel proud about using an Ernest razor, and their affordability also makes for a great gifting option for anybody that you know who may be considering a change in the way that they shave.
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