How To Wedding: Final Touches

How To Wedding: Final Touches

The final touches to wearing a good suit can turn it something truly great. Style is in the details after all. One man who knows all about such things is our Sharp & Dapper friend Mr Johan Ekelund, who has provided some expert tips below on the best accessories to define and perfect a tailored outfit...

Shirt Stays Tired of your shirt riding up and looking like a sail? It's a mistake that men let slip all too often. Arsene Wenger was in fact a recent offender and many more famous faces have been guiltily snapped looking sloppy. By attaching your shirt to your socks, Shirt Stays make sure that your shirt remains neatly tucked in throughout the whole day. Pocket Squares Want to add a bit of character to your suit or blazer? A pocket square is a great way to start. Just make sure that your tie and pocket square don’t match patterns. Tie Clips/The Tie Thing Floppy and loose ties will ruin the appearance of your entire suit. A tie clip or The Tie Thing is a nice way of preventing you from also dunking your tie in soup. Throwing it over your shoulder at the table should also never be a realistic idea. Opt for a tie clip if you like jewellery, and The Tie Thing if you want something a bit more understated. Belts & Braces If your trousers are loose and falling down, belts are a great way to keep them in order. If you choose one made of leather then try to match it with your shoes. If you want to look like a boss and be 100% sure you won’t show off your underwear, then use braces! NEVER go for both at the same time though.

Cuff Links Just bought a French cuff shirt? Good quality cuff links can be beautiful pieces of jewellery to keep the cuff in one piece. When I say beautiful I'm referring to non-novelty options. So no dice faces or football club badges. If you're married then look to match links with your wedding band. For anybody keen on keeping time, opt to match with your watch instead. Sea Salt Spray With your outfit in tip top shape, it is important not to overlook the condition of your hair. Sea Salt Spray adds extra thickness and a gritty texture to hair, making it look fuller and more rigid. It also simply makes hair easier to style - a much required assistance on particularly important days when faffing around in front of the mirror getting stressed is the last thing you need before you even leave the house.
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