Memorable Hairstyles of Tennis

Memorable Hairstyles of Tennis

Wimbledon 2018 has arrived, and it’s estimated that 34,000 kg of English strawberries, 10,000 litres of dairy cream and 29,000 bottles of champagne will be devoured over the course of two weeks in celebration of one of the nation’s favourite sports. As well as showcasing their skills, Wimbledon has also become an event for tennis superstars to sport their latest style. So, from dreadlocks to dye jobs, and everything in between, we take a look at some of the most memorable hairstyles of the tennis stars...

Dustin Brown

The German-Jamaican serve-volley ace is not only known for his remarkable victory over Nadal in 2015, but also his statement dreadlocks which have remained uncut since 1996. But, even with over 21 years of hair weighing him down, Brown still manages to make his infamous serve look seamless.

Andre Agassi

There are few hairstyles in the world of tennis, that are quite as memorable as Andre Agassi’s lion-mane of a mullet – especially since the former champion admitted that the eye-catching ‘do he sported during the 1990s was actually a wig! Furthermore, the American star revealed that he was so distracted at the thought of the spectacular hairpiece falling off during his first Grand Slam final, that he ended up losing the match.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Renowned for her avant-garde outfits, including the famous tennis-ball studded jacket, Mattek-Sands is known for her colourful, ever changing locks. Never one to shy away from a style-statement, the former Olympic Gold medallist has sported neon green lengths with an undercut, a blue mohawk and a ball-bedecked updo.

Bjorn Borg

Throughout his astonishing career, Borg attracted attention with his on- and off-court style, which often included flares, clogs, furs, and string-tied evening-wear. However, it was his statement hairstyle that really attracted attention. Whilst a number of tennis players have attempted the sweatband and long hair combo over the years, few have managed to work it quite as well as Borg.

Roger Federer

Though Federer might be considered a heart throb by many in 2018, back in 1998 the Swiss pro wasn’t quite as stylish as he appears today. With his striking, samurai-inspired half-up-half-down ‘do, it’s no wonder that Federer captured the world’s full attention!

John McEnroe

Back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg were truly a rivalry of skill, speed and… hair? Yes, McEnroe was one of the retro superstars that gave the long locks/sweatband combo a solid 3 sets to love effort. The execution, on the other hand… well, the less said about that the better!

Billie Jean King

Back in 1968, the American champ had won her third straight Wimbledon title, her second grand slam title of that year and her fifth overall at the time, making her one of the most well-respected women in tennis – and one of the original power-girls to rocks the bouffant ‘do. Whilst by 2018’s standards, it might not be the chicest look, King certainly made a name for herself in both the skill and style stakes!

Andy Murray

Although the Scottish superstar doesn’t sport particularly memorable locks, he did hit headlines back in 2015 when he took to his own fringe with a pair of nail-scissors mid-match! As the Scotsman struggled to compete with Nadal's relentless strokes, he took the break between matches as an opportunity to give himself a much-needed trim. Unfortunately, the new ‘do didn’t bring him the good luck he needed, as he went on to lose the first set 6-4.

Peter Lundgren

Last but certainly not least, we have the legendary Peter Lundgren channelling his inner meatloaf. The iconic coach, who famously guided Federer to the Wimbledon title, is renowned for his great talent… but not so much his great hair. Though, that said, we can’t fault him on that tousled volume! Image Credit:,,,, The,,
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