Why Men Need Scented Candles

Why Men Need Scented Candles

There's nothing quite like the ambience and vibrancy of a candle lit room to uplift your home environment. With the air of a compelling scent in addition, any stresses can soon be compressed and a calming mood instantly set - whether it be an evening spent alone or in good company. Wherever you choose to place them - your living room, bathroom, bedroom, hallway (do this and most rooms will benefit anyway!), scented candles provide an understated amount of warmth and character to homes.

When we created our Black Tea Candle, we wanted gentlemen to burn it in their home to create such a positive atmosphere. Regular visitors of our barbershops will be aware that we are always burning a candle to replicate this too. A Murdock candle in a gent's home makes for a gratifying addition. A man's home is a representation of himself after all, and that certainly extends to fragrance. Your home should be imbued with a scent which is fragrant but masculine and strongly represents your character. Much like when you leave the house, you wear a cologne to subtly present your character and of course, to positively attract others.

Burning a scented candle may provide an indulgent sense of warmth befitting a cold winters' evening spent cosily indoors, but such a comforting pleasure should not be overlooked or restricted away from long summer nights either.

While hotter, stickier conditions may not conjure the same urgency to light a soothing flame as in winter, there are still so many opportunities for a candle to make an atmospheric impact during summer. Dinner parties and outdoor gatherings in particular can benefit greatly from a fragrant backdrop to compliment scentless tea lights.

Long, stressful days at work most certainly don't restrict themselves to December either, and a candle's ability to help you relax once you've made it home can make such a difference to your mood. You've put the hard work in during the day, you owe it to yourself to appropriately unwind in the evening. With Monday morning fast-approaching too, one of the calmest ways to put a weekend to bed is to do so amidst a soothing fragrance on a Sunday evening.

Our Two-wick, black wax candle is made of the finest quality 100% soy wax for a longer burn. Distilled cotton wicks ensure a clean burn too with less soot and a superior fragrance throw. Next time you need to set the right mood, light up, kick back and create an atmosphere to relax and unwind with our intriguing mix of subtle spices.

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