Clean Bearded


To launch our new Beard Shampoo & Conditioner and Beard Oil, we met four Clean Bearded MurdockMen who all naturally understand that if you want to make something the best it can be, its success depends on its preparation. 



The Business Owner


Mr Johan Ekelund of Sharp&Dapper

The well dressed Swede who keeps shirts tucked in and collars in place with his accessories brand has built a business on the need for thorough preparation
when maintaining style.  

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The Tailor


Mr Michael Browne of Chittleborough & Morgan

As a tailor and cutter at Savile Row's
Chittleborough and Morgan, paying close attention to the details means Michael Browne creates the perfect bespoke suits for his clients. 





 The Curator


Mr Timothy Long of the Museum of London


The Curator of Fashion and Decorative Arts at the Museum of London looks for the details that tell the bigger picture. 

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 The Restaurant Manager


Mr Giles Stafford of Forge

 If, like Mr Giles Stafford, you're making sure that London's fine diners and lavish partiers are enjoying an evening they'll never forget (drink dependent) then perfection in preparation is a must.

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