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FATHER'S DAY 19/06/2022
Shave Bundle 1

Shave Bundle 1

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For a quick, fresh and clean getaway. Start with our easy to apply, copper enriched Daily Shave Gel for a gentle, blue lather suitable for both clean shaves and beard line ups, then take the sting away with the menthol & Calendula in our Post Shave Balm. Clean or sharp, this is the ticket.
Barber Tip

There is a reason this is our number one selling product. I use it every day on my own beard and every bearded client I see. Use daily to keep your beard in the best condition. If your beard gets really dry, perhaps after a sunny holiday or when the weather is freezing, pimp the Beard Mo up by blending in one pump of Beard Oil.

Why We Make It

Our barbers have taken our best-selling and award-winning product and elevated it, crafting what they believe to be the best beard moisturiser on the market. The lightweight formula is quickly absorbed to transform dry, brittle, uncomfortable facial hair and look after the skin underneath it. A gentleman's beard will look and feel its most soft, comfortable and healthy.

How To Use

Run 2 pumps upwards through facial hair as close to the skin as possible. Suitable for daily use.

With normal usage, one bottle will last 2 months.

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