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Leather Razor Strop

Leather Razor Strop

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Your Cut Throat Razor needs to be cared for with a high quality leather strop so that it will in turn take care of your face. Stropping a razor with a leather strop razor sharpener serves to polish the edge of the blade and to re-align it at the correct angle for sharp, effective shaving.

After several shaves, your razor's cutting edge will become slightly more aligned with the head, which causes bluntness.

This leather strop is made from an extra solid natural cow leather.

The leather strop is strong enough to provide a re-finishing effect on your cut-throat razor, but also soft enough to prevent the blade from accidental damage.

Made in Germany.

Barber Tip Strop only before shaving. If you strop your razor immediately after shaving, any loose metal parts can break off and penetrate the leather.
Why We Make It A light stropping of a Cut Throat Razor on a proper leather strop will help to maintain it for many years of satisfying use. Razors must be properly cared for in order to ensure their performance longevity.
How To Use Stropping is performed at a flat angle with the back of the razor laid on the strop; the razor is drawn in the direction away from the body. The razor is then turned over on its back and drawn in. Changing directions without turning the razor over can make the blade become round, losing its cutting properties as a result.
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