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  1. Murdock London Avalon Candle
    Our signature citrus scent is clean and fresh, light-hearted and intensely citrus
  2. Murdock London Vetiver Candle
    Our grassy and grounded, solid and warm fragrance is perfect for living spaces
  3. murdock london napier scented candle box
    A warm and enlivening, green and classic scent
  4. murdock london renshaw candle
    A fresh, verdant and refined fragrance
  5. murdock london conditioner

    Murdock's Nourishing Conditioner is moisturising and revitalising. Expect intensive shine and silkiness. (250ml)

  6. murdock london mens haircare shampoo

    Our cleansing shampoo enhances softness and shine, and adds body and fullness. (250ml)

  7. murdock london shirt stays

    A key handmade piece to ensure confidence knowing your shirt will never come untucked.

  8. Kent Slim Jim Comb

    Your emergency grooming tool, specially designed to fit inside a small pocket

    Slim Jim Comb
    Low stock
  9. murdock london hair doh tin

    A versatile shaping paste for moulding and designing texture. Provides control and a shine finish. (100ml)

    Hair Doh
  10. murdock london hair play

    Moulding cream that offers great flexibility, texture and hold so you can experiment with styles. (100ml)

    Hair Play
  11. murdock london matt putty styling product

    Great texture paste for achieving a vintage look without making hair too oily or greasy. (100ml)

  12. Traditional Shoe Shine Gift Experience

    Shoes are expertly polished and shined to impeccable standards. A refined classic

  13. murdock london sea salt hair styling spray

    Recreate those perfect summer waves all year round with natural sea salts providing volume, texture & a matte finish. (150ml)

    Sea Salt Spray
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