Grooming FAQs

What is men's grooming?

There was once a time where men who spent too long in the bathroom were scorned and ridiculed – luckily those days are over. Nowadays, men’s shaving and grooming products are a multi-million pound industry; with more and more men taking pride in their appearance. At Murdock London, we take looking good very seriously, and understand that, contrary to popular opinion, men enjoy spending just as much time and effort on their appearance as women do. From shaving and beard shaping, to hair and skincare; all of these little habits to keep you looking, and feeling, great are part of a grooming regime.

What are men's grooming products?

Men's grooming products cover all aspects of men’s haircare, skincare and everything in between. Our famous Murdock London grooming products cover every aspect of men’s skincare and men’s hair care products; from cut throat razors to beard oil, and beard shampoo to moustache wax.

What are the best men's grooming products?

When it comes to the best men’s grooming tools, everybody is different. But whatever your style might be, we believe you should celebrate it, so we stock a huge range of top men’s grooming products covering everything from full beards to clean shaves, and all the looks in between.

Where to buy men's grooming products?

All of our men’s grooming products are available to buy online as well as from your nearest Murdock London barbershop – where we also offer a range of gift experiences to treat you, or the man in your life, to a memorable and relaxing experience.

Where is the nearest Murdock London barber shop to me?

After the success of our first store in London’s creative heart; Shoreditch, we have since expanded across the city into London’s dynamic neighbourhoods including Soho, Covent Garden and Chelsea.

Find your nearest Murdock London barbershop.

We're a group of guys looking to get styled for a wedding, do you do group bookings?

Yes, we do! We offer private grooming parties and barber shop event hire at all of our standalone Murdock London shops to ensure that you look, and feel, your very best for your event. As well as offering a full range of services, from wet shaves to moustache trims, and haircuts to facials, beer and whisky will be provided throughout the event and each member of your party will be gifted an essential travel bag of Murdock London products.

Find out more about our barber shop group bookings.

Which is the best men’s grooming kit?

Depending on your individual style may be, we provide a range of different men’s grooming tool kits to help you perfect your desired look. Our collection of barber gift sets combines all of the daily essentials for men, whilst staying true to his individuality and style.

Recreate the traditional barber experience in the comfort of your own home, with one of Murdock London’s iconic men’s grooming kits, beard sets or razor boxes.   

Where can I buy Murdock London's men’s grooming kits?

Depending on your style, all Murdock London grooming kits and products are available from our traditional London barbershops, as well as from our online store.

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What makes Murdock's grooming products so different?

At Murdock London, we used our barber' knowledge of men’s grooming and style to create a range of signature haircare, cologne and skincare products, sourced from the finest ingredients from global travels. So, if you’re looking for men’s grooming products that will help you smell good, look good and, most importantly, feel good, look no further than Murdock London’s grooming range

I'm looking to buy a gift for my boyfriend, what can you suggest for his beard?

At Murdock London, we’ve sourced some of the finest ingredients from across the globe to create a range of high quality beard-care products and gift sets that are perfect for keeping the man in your life’s beard in check.

If you’re struggling to pick, why not treat him to Murdock London’s marvellous beard box, which is the ultimate in men’s beard grooming kits, containing all of the essentials that he needs to set him on the path towards a truly luxurious beard.

Do Murdock London have any special gift sets for Christmas?

Yes, we do! Our signature men’s grooming sets combine the most sought after, and best-selling products, to help the gentleman in your life with his daily grooming routine, in an easy to follow, step by step way.

Alternatively, if you’re unsure as to which gift set would be best suited to the man in your life; our Murdock London instant gift certificates might be the best choice for you. Find out more about our instant gift certificates.

What's Murdock London's most popular styling product?

Our most popular men’s hair styling product is definitely Sea Salt Spray.

Our barbers will tell you this is their go to product on almost every style. Sea Salt creates texture and volume on wet or dry hair to work up the style they want. Use it on its own or followed with a Murdock hair styling tin for a more directional look.

To use, spritz onto wet hair before styling to give body, or dry hair to increase volume and create a matte effect. Depending on your style, you may wish to work the spray in to your locks by hand to design your own natural wave and create body. Alternatively, if you sport a sharper style, you can comb through your hair once the spray is applied to set an initial shape before blow-drying and applying further product.

Do you have any men's grooming tips to look younger?

Eye Serum is a must - especially during the colder months. It hydrates and soothes the skin around your eyes and works as an effective remedy to looking and feeling fresh – even on the worst hangover/sleep-deprived morning after.

Once or twice a week use Facial Scrub to clear the build-up of dead skin and revitalise your natural appearance. Men produce more skin cells than women and those dead ones need to be washed off to avoid a greasy, worn complexion.

What hairstyles are the most popular in your barber shops?

We’re currently seeing a healthy mix of Buzz Cuts, Crops and Longer (shoulder-length) styles.

On the buzz cuts, we’re not necessarily talking going full skinhead, but a crew cut with a grade on top and shorter sides is making quite the comeback. This is a strong, masculine style that requires almost no maintenance and is best paired with facial hair. It’s a dream to maintain and super easy when it comes to styling. It’s bolder than a crop and with the head hair taken care of by the clippers, clients are going freer in letting their beards grow out and run a bit wild.

Crops are being more frequently requested than ever before. A nice and practical style, they can be cut with a fuller, heavy-textured fringe which allows you to wear your hair in more than just one way. Most men like to have options in how to style their hair and the inclusion of the fringe gives them this.

In contrast to buzz cuts, we’ve noticed plenty of guys growing their out to around shoulder length too. It’s a patient but rewarding process and a style that can be worn relaxed and messy as easily as with a sharper, neater finish.