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Using a core of the finest natural ingredients, the Murdock London collections are high quality and highly effective men’s grooming products, developed and made in the UK.

From skincare to hair styling, beard to shave and cologne, each one encapsulates the heritage of Great British grooming for men with the style and character of a modern gentleman.

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  1. murdock london shave cream

    Soothing cream scented with our signature Avalon. Moisturises and freshens the skin as you shave.

  2. murdock london mens facial moisturiser

    Wakens and uplifts fatigued skin. Hydrates and protects, restoring freshness and vitality. (150ml)

  3. murdock london cologne samples

    An introduction to the Murdock scents. Suitably sized to accompany gentlemen on their travels and adventures.

  4. The Magnificent Hair Set

    Never a hair out of place with this collection which will release the full potential of a man’s mane

  5. Murdock Beard Moisturiser

    Winner of Best New Beard Care at the GQ Grooming Awards 2015. (150ml)

    Beard Moisturiser
  6. Murdock London Black Tea Cologne

    Complex, exotic & oriental notes of leather & tobacco. Britain’s spice and tea route inspired. (100ml)

    Black Tea Cologne
  7. murdock london barbers wet shave gift experience

    A traditional wet shave experience with the added indulgence of our facial treatment

  8. Murdock London Napier Cologne

    A warm, green scent anchored by the all-natural British ingredients of Oakmoss, Thyme and Apple. (100ml)

    Napier 1933 Cologne
  9. Murdock London Barbers £50 Gift Certificate

    An open gift certificate that can be spent towards our barbering services and products in-store

  10. murdock london conditioner

    Murdock's Nourishing Conditioner is moisturising and revitalising. Expect intensive shine and silkiness. (250ml)

  11. Murdock London Barbers £20 Gift Certificate

    An open gift certificate that can be spent towards our barbering services and products in-store

  12. Murdock London Beard Oil

    Smooths, softens and strengthens the beard with jojoba and organic argan oils. (50ml)

    Beard Oil
  13. Murdock London Beard Brush

    The ideal grooming tool to keep your beard in shape

    Beard Brush
  14. murdock london mens facial wash

    Soothe, cleanse and refresh. Reduces sensitivity & inflamed skin whilst healing and moisturising. (150ml)

  15. Luxury Beard Trim Gift Certificate

    Expert crafting of a gentleman's much adored beard, achieving the perfect style for his face

  16. murdock london barbers luxury service gift experience

    The ultimate grooming package. A haircut, luxury wet shave and facial

  17. The Stay Sharp Straight Razor Box

    The perfect starter kit for any man looking to master traditional wet shaving

  18. Murdock London Patchouli Cologne

    An intricate cologne for men containing a complex, rich and velvety stimulating mix of spices. (100ml)

    Patchouli Cologne
  19. murdock london renshaw cologne

    Light and clean with middle notes of watercress. Inspired by the elegance of lawn sports. (100ml)

  20. Black Tea Cologne - 10ml Mini

    Complex, exotic & oriental notes of leather & tobacco. Britain’s spice and tea route inspired. (10ml)

  21. Murdock London Essential Beard Set
    The essential items for daily beard maintenance at home.
  22. murdock london moustache comb

    This specialist comb is perfect for grooming, maintaining and trimming moustache hair

  23. murdock london shave travel set

    Smart and luxurious travel set with Pre-Shave Oil, Shave Cream and Post-Shave Balm

  24. Murdock London Travel Shave Balm
    Soothes and moisturises the skin and seals pores after shaving, taking away any lingering sting.
  25. Murdock London Beard Regime

    The Beard Regime by Murdock provides a great introduction to our specialist facial hair care products, helping you stay clean bearded on a daily basis

  26. murdock london beard shampoo

    Our pH-balanced formula cleanses facial hair of pollutants while remaining gentle on the face. (250ml)

    Beard Shampoo
  27. murdock london sea salt hair styling spray

    Recreate those perfect summer waves all year round with natural sea salts providing volume, texture & a matte finish. (150ml)

    Sea Salt Spray
  28. Professional Afro Comb

    Crafted from a dense rubber that provides a suitable firmness with a little bit of flex

  29. murdock london leather razor strop

    Re-align your cut throat's blade at the correct angle for sharp, effective shaving.

  30. Murdock London Vetiver Cologne

    Earthy, clean and comforting, Vetiver is adventurous with citrus top notes and a woody base tone. (100ml)

    Vetiver Cologne
  31. Murdock London Avalon Cologne

    Our signature citrus scent is clean, fresh and deliciously evocative. (100ml)

    Avalon Cologne
  32. murdock london mens haircare shampoo

    Our cleansing shampoo enhances softness and shine, and adds body and fullness. (250ml)

  33. Kent Handmade Pocket Folding Comb

    A men's folding comb that can fit neatly into your pocket for daily use

    Pocket Folding Comb
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  34. Murdock London Avalon Candle
    Our signature citrus scent is clean and fresh, light-hearted and intensely citrus
  35. Murdock London Anti-Ageing Eye Serum
    Refresh your eyes every tired morning
  36. travel size beard grooming set

    Stay smooth on your travels with our ready to fly Beard Care travel essentials.

  37. Traditional Hand & Body Soap - Lemongrass

    Hand & Body Soap scented with Lemongrass. (200g)

  38. Traditional Hand & Body Soap - Oatmeal & Spice

    Hand & Body Soap scented with Oatmeal & Spice. (200g)

  39. Murdock London Beard Conditioner

    Specially formulated to soften both the facial hair and the skin underneath. (250ml)

    Beard Conditioner
  40. murdock london hair clay

    A versatile shaping clay that gives great definition and texture. (100ml)

    Matt Mudd
  41. murdock london mens facial scrub

    Soothes and deeply cleanses the skin, extracting dead cells leaving you refreshed and renewed. (100ml)

  42. murdock london hair doh tin

    A versatile shaping paste for moulding and designing texture. Provides control and a shine finish. (100ml)

    Hair Doh
  43. murdock london barbers beard trim gift certificate

    A quick trim and condition for the maintained beard

  44. murdock london facial cleansing regime

    The Murdock Face Regime - created to help every man maintain a healthy facade, day to day.

  45. murdock london pre shave oil

    To be applied before shaving. Softens whiskers and prepares the face for the razor's edge.

  46. murdock london napier scented candle box
    A warm and enlivening, green and classic scent
  47. murdock london barbers shampoo & haircut gift experience

    Consultation & haircut finished with a blow-dry & style by one of our accomplished barbers

  48. murdock london matt putty styling product

    Great texture paste for achieving a vintage look without making hair too oily or greasy. (100ml)

  49. murdock london hair play

    Moulding cream that offers great flexibility, texture and hold so you can experiment with styles. (100ml)

    Hair Play
  50. Murdock London Styptic Matches

    Instantly treat any shaving nicks by closing pores and providing antibacterial treatment

  51. murdock london renshaw candle
    A fresh, verdant and refined fragrance
  52. Sweet Georgia Brown Pomade Red

    A versatile pomade that offers great hold and a very cool slick look. (4 oz / 114 g)

  53. murdock london barbers express facial gift experience

    Bring a glow back to your face as we cleanse, exfoliate, steam & moisturise

  54. murdock london badger hair shaving brush with ebony handle

    The first grade of badger brush, often preferred by those who prefer slightly stiffer texture

  55. Sandalwood Shave Soap in Wood Bowl

    Sandalwood & Rose Shaving Soap for a smooth, satisfying and fragrant shave. (145g)

  56. murdock london elastick hair styling wax

    Great to manipulate, separate or mess up hair. Fibre gum for a natural shine finish and texture. (100ml)

  57. Murdock London How To Shave Gift Certificate

    A relaxing, luxury wet shave & a lesson in the principles of the perfect shave

  58. Beard Trim Gift Certificate

    A dry beard re-shape with electric clippers and scissors

  59. Murdock London Daily Hair Care Regime

    The Hair Care Regime is the Murdock initiation into keeping a healthy head of hair. Expect intensive shine and silkiness.

  60. Murdock London Vetiver Candle
    Our grassy and grounded, solid and warm fragrance is perfect for living spaces
  61. Murdock London Barbers £100 Gift certificate

    An open gift certificate that can be spent towards our barbering services and products in-store

  62. murdock london black badger shaving brush

    Windsor (Silver Tip) grade hair is hand-filled and trimmed, guaranteed to assist the softest & smoothest shaves

  63. The Restyle Barbershop Gift Experience

    A detailed consultation with one of our barbers to review & create the perfect haircut for you

  64. murdock london black shaving bowl with handle

    Boasts a sturdy handle and shapely, ergonomic design adding sophistication to your daily shave

  65. Merkur Razor Blades

    Platinum coated stainless blades for use in traditional safety razors.

  66. Black Synthetic Shaving Brush

    Developed to offer the same lathering properties and water retention of real badger hair

  67. murdock london black shaving bowl with silver rim

    The traditional way of ensuring a rich and creamy lather for every shave

  68. Murdock London Alum Bar

    Soothes razor burn and actively seals shaving nicks and cuts

    Alum Bar
  69. Murdock London Oscar Mach 3 Razor

    A high-performance Mach 3 blade with a crafted handle for a safe, smooth shave

  70. Murdock London Oscar Mach 3 Razor

    A high-performance Mach 3 blade with a crafted handle for a safe, smooth shave

    Oscar Razor - Ebony
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  71. Kent Slim Jim Comb

    Your emergency grooming tool, specially designed to fit inside a small pocket

    Slim Jim Comb
  72. Murdock London Horn Beard Brush

    A luxury, hand cut grooming tool to keep your beard in shape

    Horn Handle Beard Brush
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  73. murdock london shirt stays

    A key handmade piece to ensure confidence knowing your shirt will never come untucked.

  74. murdock london beard box

    The complete box for maintaining and styling your beard

    The Marvellous Beard Box
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  75. murdock london turner saftey razor and brush shaving set

    Stylish shave set consisting of double edge safety razor, Shaving Brush and metal stand

  76. Murdock London Black Cut Throat Razor

    An authentic straight edge razor crafted from carbon steel for the sharpest, most traditional shave

    Cut Throat Razor - Ebony
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