How To Shave Superbly Well

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  1. murdock london shaving cream

    Soothing cream scented with our signature Avalon. Moisturises and freshens the skin as you shave. (200ml)

    Shave Cream
  2. Murdock London Black Cut Throat Razor

    An authentic straight edge razor crafted from carbon steel for the sharpest, most traditional shave

    Cut Throat Razor - Ebony
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  3. Murdock London Alum Bar

    Soothes razor burn and actively seals shaving nicks and cuts

    Alum Bar
  4. murdock london badger hair shaving brush with ebony handle

    The first grade of badger brush, often preferred by those who prefer slightly stiffer texture

  5. murdock london black badger shaving brush

    Windsor (Silver Tip) grade hair is hand-filled and trimmed, guaranteed to assist the softest & smoothest shaves

  6. Murdock London Styptic Matches

    Instantly treat any shaving nicks by closing pores and providing antibacterial treatment

  7. murdock london mens facial scrub

    Soothes and deeply cleanses the skin, extracting dead cells leaving you refreshed and renewed. (100ml)

  8. murdock london mens facial wash

    Soothe, cleanse and refresh. Reduces sensitivity & inflamed skin whilst healing and moisturising. (150ml)

  9. murdock london barbers traditional wet shave gift certificate

    Our expert barbers provide the cleanest shave with traditional tools and our luxurious products

  10. murdock london barbers wet shave gift experience

    A traditional wet shave experience with the added indulgence of our facial treatment

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