Our selection of facial care products combine to waken and uplift fatigued skin. Deeply cleanse, soothe and refresh your skin with Facial Wash and Scrub to begin each day anew and protect these clean foundations from daily elements with Hydrating Facial Moisturiser.

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  1. murdock london facial cleansing regime

    The Murdock Face Regime - created to help every man maintain a healthy facade, day to day.

  2. murdock london mens facial moisturiser

    Wakens and uplifts fatigued skin. Hydrates and protects, restoring freshness and vitality. (150ml)

  3. Murdock London Lip Salve

    Provides moisture to lips with anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and UV protecting qualities. (10ml)

  4. murdock london mens facial scrub

    Soothes and deeply cleanses the skin, extracting dead cells leaving you refreshed and renewed. (100ml)

  5. murdock london mens facial wash

    Soothe, cleanse and refresh. Reduces sensitivity & inflamed skin whilst healing and moisturising. (150ml)

  6. murdock london mens hand cream

    Soothe, nurture and protect hands from daily exposure. Anti-ageing properties treat and condition. (250ml)

  7. murdock london weekend getaway set
    Contains Facial Cleanser, Moisturiser, Scrub, Lip Salve, Shampoo & Conditioner
  8. murdock london hand wash

    Cleanse, condition, reinvigorate and relieve skin. Antibacterial properties work against acne. (250ml)

  9. Murdock London Anti-Ageing Eye Serum
    Refresh your eyes every tired morning
  10. Murdock London Alum Bar

    Soothes razor burn and actively seals shaving nicks and cuts

    Alum Bar
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