Hi I'm Aaron, I've been working at Murdock for over 4 1/2 years and I’ve always been at the Shoreditch branch since I started. I really enjoy working in this shop. We have a really great vibe and a really strong team.

I didn't start my life off as a barber. I actually studied Photography & Graphic Design at Leeds University, so I've always had a creative flare. I've always been interested in the hair industry and the ability to create something new from scratch.

I'm quite a lively character and always like to be involved with the conversation on the shop floor whether it be joking, serious or arguing about football.

I'm getting married in 2018 so I'm taking the next big step in life and a different adventure. I also like to go on adventures around the world. I recently travelled to Cuba and also Iceland. Out of work I like to compete in Tough Mudder events and running. I'm also addicted to tattoos.

Fun Facts

7058 client services in my time at Murdock.

90.8 miles run from work this year. Two pairs of running shoes worn out.

Two of my four years at Murdock to grow my hair long from shaved.

6 pairs of clippers gone through.