After initially training as a hair stylist I always found myself leaning towards men’s hair with the strongest clientele of guys within any salon I worked in. 7 years ago I fully committed to the world of Barbering and haven’t looked back since. I have learned so much more than I thought I would and I have the upmost respect for both traditional and modern barbers.

What strikes me most about coming to Murdock is the passion for Barbering that every barber has. After many years in the hair industry I have never worked with a team who ALL share that passion, of course the standard of service is the highest you can expect from your barbers but the way in which our team approach the work we do is very unique, it is infectious and the past year has brought a new lease of life to my own work.

Having now worked at many of our branches I can safely say that whether you are in the quiet and calm of our store in Sloane Street or the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden or even visiting the Soho flagship for a day out in the west end you will be met with the same high standards and the friendliest of encounters by any of the staff you book in with and frankly that is a rare achievement.

Fun Facts

I’ve had two clients walk in with waist length dreadlocks (proper waist length) and at the moment you see that you’ve got a standard haircut appointment booked for them you put your head in your hands.... but.... having sat down and talked with these two guys I managed to explain how best to approach this massive overhaul and with two excellent results the clients are now regulars.

From catastrophe to success in one (and a half!) hair appointments...

Adam on Anthony

Anthony’s knowledge on football is not only unprecedented but also valuable if you’re inclined to take his weekend predictions and go place a bet!

His cutting skills are without fault and in the brief time we’ve worked together he has even changed my own hairstyle. If that isn't an endorsement I don’t know what is.