Hi I’m Bradley, or Brad or Bradders, I’ve never quite decided which one I prefer.

I am from all over the place. Born in Essex, raised in southeast London (SE18!) and I grew up a little bit on the south east coast of England (No you have never heard of where I now live lol).

I’m never stuck in my way with my own hair - I like to try new styles; the worst part of the job is hair envy, so I am always changing my hair in some way or another. The best part of this job on the other hand is hearing all the stories. Listening and learning about all my clients is the best thing in the world. Everyone’s stories are different and that makes no two days ever the same and that’s why I love my Job.

Fun Facts

I’m a big Football fan and I am a Gooner (sorry Spurs fans but North London will always be red! - win more FA cups and go a season unbeaten and then we can talk).

I am also a big old geek/child; I’m talking film, tv, tech, video games, comic books, superheroes and even a little bit of anime. So, during a haircut yes we can talk Star Wars, yes we can talk about whether or not Batman would win in a fight against Superman (he definitely would). I’m also a bit of a foodie so be warned if you are a chef, I will be picking your brain!