I am originally from The Netherlands. I started my career in the local hairdressers in the village where I grew up. After five years I moved to Amsterdam to work in a renowned salon called B Creative Hair Concept, run by one of the nation’s famous hairdressers Andy Uffels. I assisted him to do hair for Amsterdam Fashion Week and other hair shows, even abroad in Milan, Buenos Aires and Moscow. Having worked there six years I moved to London to be
with my boyfriend Riccardo and to start my career with Murdock. Ricc and I live together in Camden, right next to the beautiful Hampstead Heath, one of London most amazing parks!

As Master Barber in the Shoreditch barbershop, I have a very loyal clientele and have built a strong, passionate team of amazing barbers around me. My customers book in for great haircuts and beard trims of course, but also because the vibe in the shop is always super nice and welcoming - which is very important to me and the other barbers in Shoreditch. Everybody is very much into music and always up for a good chat with a bit of banter.

Fun Facts

In a year:

I did 1583 haircuts (that's excluding friends and family)

Washing all that hair obviously ruins my nails so I went through 3 bottles of navy-blue OPI nail varnish

I sold 125 bottles of my favourite product; Sea Salt Spray

I cycle on average at least 3 times a week in to work and back - a distance of 4.8 miles, which works out to 1353 miles a year. That's basically from here to southern Italy... just saying.

References on the Shoreditch team

Our team Shoreditch WhatsApp group is called ‘Squad’, since this began, we now refer to each other as ‘The Squad’.

You need to earn your place in The Squad, nobody is just allowed to join. If you're a good member of The Squad, you can stay in The Squad, even if you move away. Squad is 24/7 for banter and love. :D

The Squad is everyone’s favourite waste of time, even though we work 5 days a week together, we still spend our free time together too.

This year Hannah, Ben, Elias & Aaron did Tough Mudder together.

I rule over the music and spend many lunch breaks shopping online, but can't ever seem to find exactly what I'm looking for.

Aaron always cracks bad dad-jokes and loves dad rock too. He has also turned into the next Mo Farah - running marathons, doing endurance runs and looking super fit, getting rid of his pancino (our name for his belly) probably in preparation for his wedding.

Ben’s useless knowledge of celebrity names. He is also the main character in ‘The Ben Show’ (when he is being super loud again and all eyes are on Ben).

Elias aka ‘Fadezilla’ aka ‘Darth Fader’ is obsessed with Christmas music.

Debs and Hannah are really good friends from before working together and also housemates.