I’m Jed, Senior barber at Murdock London based in the flag ship store in Soho, Brewer St.

As long as I can remember I have loved styling hair, growing up in a house with 5 brothers, we were all football-obsessed, and being a 90s kid, David Beckham was naturally a style icon for me as I grew up admiring his iconic hairstyles… although looking back, there were some questionable choices!!

I’ve been with Murdock for several years now, and have learned so much. Not only have I improved as a barber, but also I have learned so much personally. I believe that every person you meet can teach you something, and this fuels my love of barbering. I love learning about everything and anything so talk about whatever you like - I’m listening. The fact that I can make the client leave happier, and with more confidence with their fresh haircut is a bonus. 

My favourite style to create is a style that is easy for the client to do before work/school or whatever they’re getting out of bed for.

An easy style doesn’t always have to mean a one grade all over or a short back and sides it means working with the natural shape and growth of your hair. I trim beards and offer silky smooth wet shaves too.

The reason I chose Murdock was that it’s the best in London, not only for cutting hair, but products, location, the aesthetics of the barbershop and it’s a great social spot for a chat or a drink with the amazing FOH team or one of the talented barbers. I also spent a winter over in Mauritius opening a Murdock barbershop, so that’s a great bonus.

After being a barber at Murdock for a couple of years, regular clients have become friends, and there is always room for more!

Fun Facts

Not only fluent in English, But I’m a proud Welsh speaker. 

I’m actually Ambidextrous, so if you see me switch my clippers in both hands don’t get too worried!