Hi I’m Joe and I’m Flagship Head Barber here at Murdock. You can find me working across our Covent Garden (Fridays/Saturdays) and Soho (Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays) barbershops.

I’ve been in the hairdressing industry since I was 16, starting in a small salon at the top of my Mum’s road in Hornchurch, Essex. I pestered them every day for 6 months for a job, whilst on my way home from school.

I have been lucky enough to travel to many different countries in my life so far, and even luckier to be able to bring my job with me. I have cut hair in hostels, on beaches, in back gardens; you name it across South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Whatever language or destination the principle is exactly the same, to make someone look better, but more importantly, feel better about themselves.

I would describe my barbering style as traditional and natural. I enjoy planning the hair cut, creating the shape and then seeing the style develop. I used to prefer working with longer hairstyles, but since being at Murdock and learning from extremely talented barbers I am as comfortable with short, sharp haircuts as well.

Being a Barber is just as cool as it looks. I have a laugh every day, talk some utter rubbish and preach to whoever will listen about all things Arsenal Football Club. I also do some haircuts.

Fun Facts

My wage as an apprentice hairdresser was £62.50 per week. With my first pay cheque I
bought my Nan a bunch of flowers.

My wife has never paid for a haircut. Her Mum is also a hairdresser and between us
we are the only people to have ever cut her hair.

Joe on James Carroll

James is a very talented barber with an eye for detail. He is a pleasure to work alongside every day and his knowledge on his specialist subject of craft beers is frightening. He gives each hair cut 100% attention and it’s obvious his clients really enjoy being in his chair.

Joe on Carl Taylor

Carl’s passion for barbering is second to none. His clipper work is enviable and his straight razor shaving is masterful. There is definitely room for improvement on his dress sense though. And his singing.