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Alex Wood



My name’s Alex, I’m from Hertford which is north of London.

As the old saying goes ‘choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’. For me this couldn’t be more true. I’ve tried a range of jobs but I have never fell in love with an industry like I have this one. From old school, to trending haircuts, I enjoy and take pride in allowing my clients to walk out of the door with confidence in their appearance and a smile on their face. Being in this job has allowed me to understand that some people may wish to have a full blown conversation about anything and everything, from the meaning of life to whether there are more doors or wheels in the world…I reckon wheels for the record…yet if you’d rather only receive the service and save the conversation for another time, then I am more than happy to allow you to do so, as long as you’re comfortable!

Being from the north of this area, I’m a huge spurs fan, which goes down better with some more than others…nevertheless I’m always up for a chat about any team, player and will even listen to the most obscure opinions in this field, my brothers are both Chelsea fans so I’m used to it!

Fun facts

As most people do, I also love my music with a passion and would love to hear about what music means to you and how you found your genre. I personally can listen to any type of music and will attend a range of festivals to appreciate this in person. When I was younger I actually went sledging with a pop artist before his break through, but no spoilers! You can find that out in person!
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