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Anni Rademacher

Senior Barber

My career in barbering didn’t start in the most conventional of ways, I was initially a makeup artist in the fashion industry.


When I was studying, a barbering course was offered at my college and I took it as I wanted to make myself as indispensable as possible, whilst building my career in fashion, I worked part time at a family owned barber shop in the small town back home. I also worked my way into the music industry, working with male musicians for live shows, music videos, press days, red carpet events and award ceremonies. Having both skills set me apart from others and really propelled my career forward.

After Lockdown I really missed the social aspect and buzzing atmosphere of working in a salon and having different clients every day, fast forward to today, here I am at Murdock! It’s a dream come true to come from a small barbershop in my home village to working in the best barbershop in Central London.

Fun facts

I am half Danish and a big fan of handball and football (let’s not talk about the euros). I never miss the national team games and I am also a big arsenal fan. Living just a stone throw away from Highbury stadium, I always try and run down to the burger vans after kick off, some of them know me by first name now.
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