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Finn Spackman

Senior Barber

Finn is Mental Health First Aid trained.


Hi, my name is Finn and I work in the Covent Garden Shop. First, I’m a Tottenham fan, best team in London. if you disagree come in to the shop and we can discuss it (you’re definitely wrong). I do love a good debate about it.

I’ve got a different work history compared to most of the other guys in the company. I started out in construction, which did lead me to getting multiple qualifications that I can carry on in life. While this was my career, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do and being in the barbershop after work was one of my highlights of the week, then started to realise that barbering is what I wanted to do with my life.

I moved to London 3 years ago for a fresh taste of living. Landing a job working in Murdock has been great, from working with all the guys in the shop and meeting clients from all over the world and hearing some great stories.

I’m passionate about Music, I listen to everything ranging from dancehall to country. Of course, the classics are the best but when a new album drops I’m buzzing.

Fun facts

I’ve broken all of my fingers.

I have a dual passport.
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