Harrison Hughes

Senior Barber

Hi, i’m Harrison and i’m a barber at Murdock‘s Soho branch. Originally from Manchester, I moved down to London 8 years ago for university and haven’t left since! I hold a Masters in Film so come prepared with your recommendations, theories, and guilty pleasures. My love for hair actually came from cinema, and I’m hoping to have hair as good as David Lynch when I’m in my 70s.


I was drawn to barbering in particular because of its rich heritage and old school traditions. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways! I’m a big football fan and used to have a season ticket at Old Trafford when I was younger (the glory years). A Man U fan from Manchester is a rarity in London so please go easy on me with the current state of my club. I’m also a big fan of all kinds of music and play guitar on the side. I don’t mind taking requests but I draw the line at Wonderwall!

I love making sure whoever’s in my chair is as comfortable as possible, and appreciate that every client is different. Whether you’re up for a chat or would rather sit back and relax, you’ll get a great haircut either way.
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