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Katherine Leblanc

Master Barber

Katherine is Mental Health First Aid trained.


Hi I’m Katherine, Head Barber of our soho branch.

I’ve been hairdressing for over a decade. I grew up in the salon as my mom was a hairdresser and ran her own shop. I worked alongside her before moving to London from Canada 5 years ago where I began to pursue a career in barbering.

Being from a small town in Quebec, moving to London to pursue my career was the dream. I started working for Murdock almost immediately upon arrival in the UK and still love it to this day. It’s amazing to work alongside such talented and passionate people. Soho is my favourite part of London, anything you could ever want is right there at your fingertips and I feel lucky every day to get to work here.

Having been in hairdressing for so long I’ve come to love all the sides of the job, long hair, short hair, beards, shaves, braids you name it. Every day is different and it never gets boring.

To be a barber in this city amongst so many talented individuals you have to have passion and determination and Murdock fosters this in each and every one of its barbers.

Fun facts

Self taught juggler

Trades haircuts for beers

I'm a trained sommelier
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