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Sean Chenery

Senior Barber

Personally for me barbering/hairdressing is all about the people. It's the reason I do my job and it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.


I have been in the hair industry since 2007, starting back when I was 16, picking up all my experience in a unisex hair salon, colouring and cutting hair.

I was incredibly lucky to be trained at the Vidal Sassoon academy on Bond Street, travelling up to London from Suffolk weekly to learn my trade and core skills at the start of my career. After 8 years of cutting men's and women's hair, I decided it was time to focus on one side of the craft and put all my hours of training and experience into men's grooming, hence how I found out about Murdock. I knew I had to make the move from Suffolk to London full time to become part of the Murdock team.

Personally for me barbering is all about the people, it's the reason I do my job and it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning, especially working in London where you meet tonnes of interesting people every week.

I enjoy everything that comes with working in a barbershop atmosphere; whether it be the creativity of a hair cut, the precision of a wet shave or just sitting down with your client and listening to their life experiences.

All of that contributes towards barbering being a very satisfying and enjoyable career.

Several years on my clientele and experience has grown even more and I look forward to meeting plenty more Londoners ready to get sharpened up in my chair!

Fun facts

I'm an Ipswich Town fan (for my sins)

I love a pint of Guinness after a busy day in the Barbershop

We'll get on if you like Football, Beer, Oasis and Vinyl records
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