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Cristina Silveira

Front of House

Cristina is Mental Health First Aid trained.


Hi I’m Cristina and I’m the Store Manager.

I’m from a small Island called Madeira in Portugal, it’s such a fantastic place to grow up but I always wanted to live in a bigger city. I studied Psychology in Madeira, did an amazing 6 months in Spain and then continued my studies in Lisbon. My dream for bigger cities led me to London and to Murdock for 5 years now.

I still remember my interview, I instantly was amazed, the store smelled heavenly (like so many of you mention when you first come in) and everyone was so friendly. So glad they have pick to be around such a passionate group of people that live and breathe Murdock.

I love my job, I get to work with all the teams, from the Barbers to Head Office, e-commerce, partners and most importantly Clients. In fact, we have the best clients, I know by heart a huge amount by name, what they do and how was their holiday.

You most likely have meet me either in store, by email or by phone, I’m always around the stores but you’ll probably see me the most in Soho and Covent Garden. So next time you see me, don’t be shy, I love to talk, I’m an expert in weather conversations.

Fun facts

Went to my Induction day at Harrods just in case but hoping to get the job at Murdock.

I love Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s definitely better than Messi.

I consider myself as a funny person, my husband and colleagues strongly disagree.
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