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Harriet Boon


 My name is Harriet or Harri for short.

Ever since I was a young child I always loved watching my Mum have her hair done. I would often try and copy this on my Barbie dolls and my younger sister, so much so that my Mum had to hide the scissors!


My career journey started out working in a lady’s hair salon, however this made me realise how much I preferred cutting men's hair and switched permanently to Barbering- and I have not looked back since. I take great pride with my work and love what I do. I am proud that I can say that I am a female barber!I grew up in a small town called Tring in Hertfordshire but now live in London. I do miss my home town and the countryside but I love living in a big city too.Outside of barbering, I have a very active lifestyle and I enjoy exercising, running, plenty-of yoga and horse riding. I am a big animal lover and proud owner of a gorgeous Labrador. I really enjoy cooking and baking and like exploring different types of foods.Swing by and say hello!
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