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The quiff is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable men’s hairstyles of all time. The volume driven look remains in constant demand across barbershops and continues to be adapted by barbers while nodding to classic profiles of the past. In recent years we have seen the iconic benchmarks set by Elvis Presley and James Dean taken on by modern interpretations worn by the likes of Alex Turner and of course the king of men’s hairstyle influencers for over 20 years, David Beckham. Here the Murdock barbers break down how to achieve the perfect contemporary quiff, from the initial cut through to those all-important finishing touches.


Ask your barber for a short clipper cut on the back and sides, ideally at a grade two with a soft taper around the ears and neck for a clean, sharp finish to the edges. It's important not to go too high with the clippers, as we want to maintain some weight on the corners to blend with the length on top.


The top should be scissor cut to a short or medium length, maintaining a little more length and weight at the front through the fringe area than the back. The top should be cut with a lot of texture in order to keep things a little messier and to allow some movement when it comes to applying your finishing product.


Creating a great base is a top priority for styling a solid quiff. Get this started with a cleanse and condition using our Quince & Oakmoss duo. Follow by running through a couple of pumps of Sea Salt Volume Mousse while the hair is still wet. It is important to do this because when run through wet hair, a quality primer product will lead to a stronger hold and also prevent your hair going fluffy and frizzy when dried.


It's blow dry time! Using a medium speed & medium heat setting, gently dry the hair on top forwards from the crown. This will create some initial texture and begin to build height working with the Volume Mousse. Activating volume this way is key to creating a shape that is going to not only look great, but also last all day.

Work your hairdryer up and away from the scalp while pushing the front back to build more volume. Using a high-power and high-heat setting on the front will ensure your quiff sweeps back on itself while guided by the air.


Once your hair is dry and you have pre-moulded the quiff into place your style should already be 95% there. It’s time now to define it and make sure it stays in place.

For shorter hair, apply a finger’s scoop of Matt Mud to lock in a dry, texturised finish. On medium to longer hair, use Texture Paste to build the height of the quiff with a low sheen finish. Rub your chosen product all through the palms of your hands, and starting from the back, ruffle it through the hair. Then go into the front and push it up and back to gain a stronger hold.


Your hair tin of choice will provide a secure enough hold to last throughout the day, but you can
always boost this further with a subtle coating of hairspray. Do be wary of going too overboard
though in order to avoid an overly static finish. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys running their fingers
through a crispy or sticky head of hair

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