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Lottie Bull

Senior Barber


Hello! I’m Lottie and you’ll find me at Murdock on a Friday & Saturday in the Covent Garden Shop.

I’ve always loved Hair & Makeup since I was a kid and started my career in Theatre after finishing my degree at London College of Fashion. I still work in the West End a few days a week but barbering brings a different dimension to my hair career and I always look forward coming into the shop to finish the week with the boys. I have four brothers so I like to think I can hold myself whilst banter is being thrown around.

Cutting hair and creating a shape I know will grow out well on a client is really important to me. I enjoy the variety of cuts that walk through the doors every week and enjoy the precision when creating a short short skin fade but am a sucker for a good natural scissor cut with a cheeky little neck taper.

Beards however are my absolute fav, maybe because I haven’t got one (yet) but I love creating a strong shape and advising on the best products and techniques for different hair and skin types.

Whatever the cut or style, it comes down to you feeling happy and confident at the end of the service and I’m so here for it!

Fun facts

Works in the West End

London College of Fashion Graduate
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