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Macaulay Farrell


Macaulay is Mental Health First Aid trained.


Hi, I'm Macaulay, I'm a Barber here at Murdock. My journey to becoming a Barber is quite different from most of the others. After a few different jobs including the construction industry, retail and even working for Royal Mail, I finally decided it was time for a change! Fast forward to my 20's, I moved from my home village, which is a small place up north, down to London to try and get the best training possible and finally do something I have always had an interest and a passion for! Instantly I fell in love with London and decided I wanted to stay here.

I am a huge rugby fan my family and I love a day out at Twickenham to watch England play. I have a big passion for music and love going to music festivals, any genre will do, from the likes of Frank Sinitra all the way to the latest dance tunes!
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