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Paul Price

Front of House

Paul is Mental Health First Aid trained.


Hi I’m Paul, Visual Merchandiser/Retail Manager for Murdock London (Covent Garden store).

I’m Originally from a small town called Shrewsbury, Shropshire and moved down to London to study and Graduate from London College of fashion where my chosen subject was Visual merchandising than retail branding. 

I have been with Murdock since 2014, where I used my knowledge of retail branding to help set up a pop up store.

One of my greatest achievements while working for Murdock was to be part of the rebranding, my job as a visual merchandiser was to build a aesthetic look with a signature feel that what makes Murdock London stand out from the crowd. 

Fun facts

I think the majority of The Covent Garden team can agree that I am extremely clumsy, (there isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I end up either dropping/smashing something in store).

I love being part of the Murdock family not only do we have an incredible talented team of barbers, but our products are amazing, my personal favourite is the beard moisturizer with its signature scent makes it one of the best beard products ever.
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