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Murdock London Mountbatten Shaving Brush (No Box)

Murdock London Mountbatten Shaving Brush (No Box)

Badger hair shave brush for a traditional wet shave.

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Murdock’s real badger hair shave brush allows for a traditional wet shave. Hand crafted with real badger hair, to ensure a closer and softer shaving experience. Pure comfort and a rich lather allow this brush to glide across the face effortlessly. Mix your shaving cream and a slightly wet brush into a bowl, to create a creamy lather and apply as desired to the face. Work into the skin to help lift the hair from the face and gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin at the same time.

To dry your brush, rinse through and hang upside down, and allow gravity to disperse the water from the brush. This will help ensure the brush stays clean and hygienic for the next use.

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