Why did you start barbering? How long have you been cutting hair? When and where did you start?

Originally I started off hairdressing as a Junior Stylist at a salon in Queensway, but realised my passion was for men's cutting. After leaving my previous job I attended The London School of Barbering to expand my knowledge on barbering. Having completed the course, Murdock was the place I wanted to be!


Who's your hairstyling hero? What do you think makes a great haircut?

From when I was young I was influenced by David Beckham, and had a lot of his hairstyles whilst growing up.


Where do you personally look for style inspiration?

Working in Covent Garden you see a lot of different edgy styles. Checking Instagram daily, following people like Josh Lamonaca and the Menspire Team, Ryan Cullen and many more.


Give us a tip that men should know about hair

Use your stylist's knowledge for product information for your hair type, it will make a big difference. When applying product in your hair make sure you don’t use too much. Work your product into the hair from the back of the head to give a nice textured look. A common fault is to put far too much product in the fringe.


What is your favourite Murdock product?

My favourite Murdock product would have to be the Black Tea Cologne.


What's your favourite area of London?

My favourite area in London would be Covent Garden for the shopping. My second would have to be Shoreditch for the night life.


What is your favourite spot local to your Murdock shop?

Obviously the pubs in Covent Garden are great hangouts - like the Crossed Keys on Endell street or The Sun on Long Acre. Then after couple of pints there walk over to Rock and Soul Plaice for the ultimate fish and chips experience in London… Also, I shouldn’t forget Five Guys burgers, possibly the best burger in town as far as I know!


What's your favourite album/book/film?

Film: Lord of the Rings trilogy - everything from locations

Album: Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication

Book: The Children of Hurin by J.R.R. TOLKIEN – Just started reading this.


What’s your favourite website?

Netflix and Youtube.


Which person living or deceased would you most like to share and evening with?

Tupac Shakur, the stories that man would have. Also the heavyweight Champion Anthony AJ Joshua, a Watford boy like me.


What would be your theme tune?

Biggie Smalls - Juicy


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