Erol, Barber at Murdock Soho


Why did you start barbering? How long have you been cutting hair? When and where did you start?

Before barbering I used to do acting and going months without work, my mum said I had to get a 9-5 job, so I looked to go in to barbering. I’ve been cutting hair for 6 years now and I’m still loving every minute. I first started off in 2011 in a local barbers learning, then started my barbering course at the London Hair Academy in the West End.


Who is your hairstyling hero? What do you think makes a great haircut?

Hard question! With so much inspiration, being a hairstylist with passion for hair is a hero to me.

What makes a great haircut to me, is one that is tailored to the person’s shape and growth pattern.


What is your signature cut?

Fades plus scissor cuts. I love them as much as each other and I love cutting all types of hair.


Where do you personally look for style inspiration?

Social media, pictures in magazines such as GQ.


Give us a tip that men should know about hair

Less is more. Apply less product first, then add more if needed. This will stop any excess build-up.


What is your favourite Murdock product?

Matt Mudd, as it gives a more natural look to hair and it's easy to style with.


What is your favourite area of London?

I like the West End. There's always something new going on and with iconic places such as Carnaby Street and Soho, you've always got options!


What is your favourite spot local to your Murdock shop?

Five Guys. How can you not love their burgers?!


What is your favourite album/book/film?

Favourite album - Straight Outta Compton by NWA

Favourite book - Harry Potter by J.K Rowling (absolute classic)

Favourite film - The Wolf of Wall Street


What is your favourite website?

Instagram. Follow me: @erolthebarber


Which person living or deceased would you most like to share and evening with?

Michael Jackson, I’m sure he'd teach me a few dance moves.


What would be your theme tune?

Feels – Calvin Harris


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