keith reynolds murdock london barber


What do you think makes a great haircut?

I think a great haircut lies in the finer details such as blending. It should also best suit the client's lifestyle.


Where do you personally look for style inspiration?

I look for inspiration everywhere I go and decades such as the 50s and 60s.


Give us a tip that men should know about hair

When styling it's best to use a hairdryer to shape a desired look and then just a bit of styling product to hold things in place.


What is your favourite Murdock product?

I really like the Beard Moisturiser. It makes facial hair look really good and hydrates the skin underneath.


What is your favourite area of London?

Covent Garden. Especially in the summer - great bars and restaurants.


What is your favourite spot local to your Murdock shop?

I really enjoy going to The Diner. The burgers are amazing.


What is your favourite album/book/film?

Favourite album - Johnny Cash At San Quentin

Favourite film - Drive


What is your favourite website?



Which person living or deceased would you most like to share and evening with?

Steve McQueen (actor) so we could chat motorbikes.


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