Why did you start barbering? How long have you been cutting hair? When and where did you start?

My career started with hairdressing and over time I got more involved in barbering. I've been doing it for 14 years now and started at a lovely little old fashioned boutique in Holborn.


Who's your hairstyling hero? What do you think makes a great haircut?

Vidal Sasson, Errol Douglas and Jamie Stevens.


Where do you personally look for style inspiration?

Salon International have great exhibitions, also magazines, hair seminars and Instagram.


Give us a tip that men should know about hair.

With fine hair, it's best to avoid using a wet finishing product to style and instead use a volumising, matte based product for a strong natural finish.


What is your favourite Murdock product?

Hair Doh and Matt Putty.


What's your favourite area of London?



What's your favourite album/book/film?

Film - Pretty Woman

Book - The Girl on the Train


What’s your favourite website?

I probably most use Instagram and Facebook.


Which person living or deceased would you most like to share an evening with?

Angelina Jolie.


What would be your theme tune?

A-ha - Take On Me or Nora Jones - Sunrise/Come Away With Me.



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